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Day of Giving

Day of Giving 2018

In September 2017, Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Houston area. The toll it took on lives and property was unimaginable. At that time, LLG was a new firm with only a handful of employees. Once founding partners Brian and April realized all of their friends and employees were safe, they decided to close the LLG office for as long as necessary so they could focus on helping those impacted by Harvey. LLG spent seven days removing debris, tearing down walls, ripping out carpet/insulation, and doing anything else the property owners needed.

This experience had an incredible impact on their lives, personally and professionally. So much so that LLG now dedicates the Friday before every Labor Day to giving back to the local community. The LLG Houston office closes, and all LLG employees gather for the LLG Annual Day of Giving. For more information on the volunteer work performed in 2018, check out the News section.