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Henry Cosey

Henry Cosey

Henry began working for Lopez Law Group, PLLC in 2021. Prior to joining the firm, Henry accumulated years of experience advocating for and aiding numerous people in getting their social security benefits. In the past, Henry was engaged in a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping and otherwise acting as a liaison for Texas death row inmates, with a focus on those convicted under Texas’s law of parties. Now, he brings those strong advocacy skills to the firm, where he continues his mission to serve the community. 

Henry graduated from South Texas College of Law-Houston in 2019. During that time, he distinguished himself by earning a CALI (Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction) award for Excellence in legal research and writing. Additionally, he participated in a study abroad program that gave him an opportunity to study international human rights while spending a summer in Ireland. He also served as one of the Academic Chairs for the Black Law Student Association from 2017 to 2018. Before graduating, he participated in the school’s mediation clinic and completed the training required to be a certified mediator.  

For his undergraduate studies, Henry attended the University of Texas at Austin where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy in 2015.