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Charles Harmon

Charles Harmon

Charlie graduated from Baylor Law School cum laude in February of 2020 and began his career at the Lopez Law Group PLLC the same year.  Charlie's writing skills and attention to detail quickly promoted him to the Senior Associate position.

Charlie has experience representing clients in both commercial litigation and personal injury litigation. He successfully prevented the issuance of a temporary injunction that would have stopped construction on a multi-million-dollar housing development through effective cross-examination, direct examination, presentation of evidence, and oral argument before the court in an adverse hearing. He successfully defeated a toxic tort claim on a motion for summary judgment by conclusively negating causation and obtaining a dismissal of all claims with prejudice.

Charlie helped a water and wastewater operation company set aside a default judgment preventing the forced sale of property to cover the default judgment and giving the client the ability to contest the case on its merits through the successful use of a Bill of Review.

Charlie has helped real estate professionals by responding to a TREC complaint and obtaining a favorable finding for the clients. While representing a large Houston real estate business, he negotiated a favorable settlement despite claimed DTPA violations.

While representing a Houston fire protection company, Charlie helped to negotiate a favorable settlement in a claim involving a defective component that resulted in major flooding.

Charlie has overseen the development and certification of three continuing education courses for claims professionals.

Charlie completed his undergraduate studies at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he graduated cum laude with a BA in history and political science. While doing his undergraduate work at the University of New Mexico, he served as an Infantryman in the New Mexico Army National Guard and coached high school soccer. After completing his service, he was honorably discharged from the New Mexico Army National Guard in 2017. Charlie and his wife moved to Waco in 2017 to attend law school.

While at Baylor, Charlie earned a spot on the Baylor Law Review and was promoted to Executive Editor. As an Executive Editor, he worked with and mentored fellow students on their journey to creating publishable writing.

When Charlie is not working, he spends time with his wife and enjoys hobbies such as fishing and soccer.